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    "Restaurateur of the Year"
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"An Upper West Side Wonder"
-New York Post

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February 19, 2013

"We Hear... That Upper West Siders are flocking to Jennifer Klein's beautiful new lounge, Dakota Bar, on 72nd and Columbus - just down the block from the famous building it is named after.  Since quietly opening, it has become an instant hit..."
                 -- Emily Smith PAGE SIX

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About Jennifer and her venues:
In the food industry for over 25 years,
Jennifer created the famous Wine & Roses Bar (2005- 2015) becoming the first pioneer of the new wave of upscale wine bars now flourishing throughout NYC and the country. 
In 2010, Jennifer created the cocktail version of the concept naming it the 'Dakota Bar' and opening in NYC with love on Valentines Day 2013.  Jennifer is working on her next great venue.  To find out more please click here

Rave reviews and rewards for
Jennifer's Wine & Roses Bar:


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Jennifer's Wine & Roses Bar:

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March 3, 2013

"Dakota Bar: Though named after the nearby apartment building made famous as John Lennon's final stomping ground, Jennifer Klein's Dakota Bar is more fit for a modern socialite than a rock and roller. Frequented by tailored thirty-something women .., its whimsical decor -- featuring chandeliers fashioned out of brass instruments, warm cream color scheme, and upbeat music ... Inviting in its interior.  With over 150 wines, plus inventive wine-based cocktails and old-fashioned sugary concoctions such as the Pink Squirrel (creme de noyaux, white creme de cacao, and light cream), the Dakota Bar's drink list is artfully chosen... sample the Dakota Bar's well-crafted creations."

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APRIL 20, 2013

"People Are Always Celebrating..."

"No stranger to the Upper West Side, Jennifer Klein has lived on the same block for thirty-two years and describes the area as very community-driven, interesting, and educational. She has seen it change over the years and observes that the neighborhood lacks places for locals to socialize, relax and celebrate. People are always celebrating, Jennifer stated, and that's the niche that The Dakota Bar wants to fill on West 72nd Street and Columbus Avenue.

Though it boasts an extensive wine list, it's not just a wine bar (although it would put many so-called establishments to shame). The Dakota Bar also features classic cocktails with a twist and fresh ingredients, and the menu will soon expand to include wine-based cocktails as well. The Dakota Bar also offers a full menu to accompany your drink selection including artisanal cheeses from all over the world.

The world of wine is always changing: there are always new varieties of grapes from up-and-coming regions and climates. Tastes in other liquors are also in flux. Who would have imagined that chocolate-infused vodka would have existed noted Jennifer. Indeed, the Upper West Side is not immune to change either.


"Jennifer feels people crave more fabulous places right here on the Upper West Side, and she has certainly provided this at her Dakota Bar."

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Terrific Take 0ut!
by Fresh Origins

May 22, 2014

Open since Valentine's Day 2013, The Dakota Bar has been thriving in the Upper West Side ever since and the overall experience was one of the best for us in takeout in recent experience.

Owner Jennifer Klein and her husband, Todd, are both total peaches and we loved meeting the stellar husband and wife team, and it's clear they take beaucoup de pride in their labor of love, which is of course your dinner.  The Dakota Bar is named after the Dakota building, and you may know them from Wine and Roses

We began with the Arugula and Mixed Greens salad, above.  The invisible angle of nutrition named Bloomberg who sits on Peachy's shoulder applauded at the party of avocado, pears, spiced walnuts, dried cranberries, red onions and crumbled bleu cheese in balsamic vinaigrette.  They are detail-oriented here and remembered to put dressing on the side as we asked.  Totally fresh, this salad was splendid and a laudable start.

For our main course we tried the Fettuccini which was accentuated with pancetta, asparagus and peas in a creamy white basil sauce served perfectly Al dente.  Delicious!  And, it's pink and green -a great color combination.  Everything we ate was just as visually appealing as it was tasty.

Without a doubt our favorite of what we tried was the Shrimp Bruchetta.  Chopped shrimp, avocado, tomato and fresh mozzarella simply shined their brilliance on a toasted baguette.  We believe you will be wowed too.

The Dakota Bar is absolutely Terrific Takeout!
We adored it and can't wait to return.  Judging from how popular it was when we popped in we advise the wise to make a reservation.  And oh my goodness wait until you see the chandelier!

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"Dakota Bar Opens &
 Draws Crowds...

"Check Out the Menu !"

February 18, 2013

"The Dakota Bar has opened on the corner of 72nd street and Columbus Avenue, and the cocktail lounge and restaurant appears to already be drawing some nice crowds. It’s owned and run by Jennifer Klein, owner of Wine & Roses Bar. Klein is a popular hostess and a local who lives right down the block from the bar.  Wine & Roses sometimes attracted celebrities when she ran the place.

Klein tells us the current menu will likely change in the coming weeks.  The spot has a long wine list, and a full menu, with pasta bowls, salads, hors D'oeuvres and specialty sandwiches with ingredients like crispy shrimp.

*     *     *     *     *     *

Editorial Review

"Food is several steps above typical bar fare:"

"March 1, 2013: 
Jennifer Klein, owner of Wine & Rosese & Roses, drops a neighborhood cocktail lounge on Columbus. Bright green barstools and a long chandelier provide some punch. Seasonal cocktails, craft beer, and a serviceable wine list. "

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March 28, 2013

"Perhaps Yoko Will Stop In"
By V.L. Hendrickson

"In the shadow of one of Manhattan's most iconic apartment buildings, the Dakota Bar is a comfortable and lively new addition to West 72nd Street.

Several area bars have closed over the years, said owner
Jennifer Klein, with new higher-end retailers and restaurants moving in. Ms. Klein, who has lived across the street from the bar for 32 years, said "the neighborhood needed a place where locals could have a few lovely drinks, some food and good conversation."

The Dakota has an extensive wine list (Ms. Klein previously owned a wine bar). Classic cocktails dominate the drinks menu, with options such as the Portly Manhattan, with bourbon, Muscatel and bitters, and the Pimms Cup, with muddled cucumber, lemon and ginger ale.

Food options range from snacks like olive and parmesan cheese straws and seasoned eggplant frites 
to salads and pasta dishes.  The restaurant also has a large selection of cheeses "If you're looking to nosh on something at the bar, there's nothing better than a beautiful presentation of cheese," said Ms. Klein."

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The Dakota Bar

The Upper West Side's

"More Than Just Wine Bars"


May 13, 2013  "...Food entrepreneur Jennifer's Klein's new restobar offers an extensive wine list, craft beer, and innovative seasonal cocktails, with an eclectic food menu featuring dishes from Spain to Switzerland and France to Italy......"Put away a stiff cocktail beneath a chandelier fashioned from brass instruments at this moody retreat owned by former Jordache model Jennifer Klein..."

                             *     *     *

November 27, 2013  "...The highlight of this Upper West Side spot is that it knows its vino, and it stocks an extensive selection..."

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October 10, 2011:  "Former model and Wine & Roses drama magnet tries again. She was a Jordache Jeans model and co-owner of Wine & Roses. DNA Info reports that Jennifer Klein is opening a new bar and restaurant on the Upper West Side called Dakota Bar, named after a little ol’ rambler named the Dakota. (The bar is down the street.)  -- by Alyssa Shelasky"


April 5, 2013:  "Really, I am a neighborhood guy. I ate lunch at the Dakota Bar. It was a Cobb salad, with chicken, avocado, bacon, roasted peppers, hard-boiled eggs, and blue cheese."  
"It was Fantastic"
-- Richard Belzer

"7 Fantastic Outtakes From Richard Belzer's
Grub Street Diet Shoot at

the Dakota Bar"
Photos: Melissa Hom for Grub Street.

"Law & Order: SVU star Richard Belzer is a New York icon and Upper West Sider who's also half diehard Francophile. 'I live in France part of the year, so, you know, I'm a food snob. A French person can happily talk about mushrooms for an hour, instead of like, what do you do, and how much money do you make?'  "He admits his eating habits are "eclectic and eccentric." But after time in the French countryside, he's fallen back into a New York rhythm. We don't make a habit of running outtakes from photo shoots, but Richard Belzer today's Grub Street Diet subject was such a good sport at his Dakota Bar shoot that it felt criminal to keep the pictures private: a pose that makes him a dead ringer for Disney's most famous cartoon restaurant critic, goofily knowing glances, and a strawberry that he enjoyed perhaps too much..."
--  by Alyssa Shelasky


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"...Worth the Ambiance"

" of the most incredible restaurant interiors that I've had the privilege to experience"

Columbia Daily Spectator
by Yvonne Hsiao

March 7, 2013

"The best decision I've made recently was swapping out my checkered Converse sneakers for nude stilettos. They certainly went better with the utter chic-ness of Jennifer Klein's Dakota Bar rather versatile enterprise that is at once an upscale lounge, a restaurant, and an impressive wine bar. ...Dakota has earned its place on the Upper West Side with its beautiful brass instrument chandelier, sophisticated color scheme of dark and bold, and tendency to make a patron's wallet bleed..."

"Dakota carries gourmet bar food..."

"As a cheese lover, I was pleased with the artesian cheese platter. First up was a piece of Romano, a hard cheese from the northern Netherlands with complex toffee-like notes. Then came the Spanish Zamorano with its nutty and sharp taste, which was juxtaposed against its delicate, melting texture. My favorite, though, would have to be the French Tomme Fermier, a smear-ripened cheese with odd but delicious hints of chlorophyll and mushroom.

The entrees were decent in culinary terms, and great in the context in which they were served. The clean scent of arugula testified to its freshness, and its bitterness worked in favor of the crisp romaine. Permeated with fresh potatoes and water-tamed red onions, the salad had a slightly awkward, warm juxtaposition with the wild mushrooms and tender, but sodium-chocked, duck breast. However, with the tangy and oddly citrusy goat cheese, this experimental dish was complex and satisfying.

The walnut and Gorgonzola ravioli, meanwhile, hovered on the verge of too indulgent. Walnuts already ooze palpable oil when chewed and when paired with such a rich Italian cheese, the sage could not undercut the richness of it all, even with its bright notes. General consensus around the table for the drinkers who accompanied me, though, was that the dish went well with the wine, which I didn't have.

Although not a drinker myself, its easy to see the ramifications of having a wine connoisseur as the owner of Dakota. This place boasts over 150 types of wines, with call brands for white and red wine next to lesser-known creations and craft beer.

The Dakota Bar is a place to go for a splurge (think first date or birthday celebration), fully aware that essentially paying for its ambience which is well worth it."

*     *     *     *     *     *


"NYC's 5 Best Bars"

- On The Upper West Side -

"The Dakota Bar is a great date night spot with its low lighting, beautiful wine wall, and great shareable menu options. Start with one of their finger plates like the mini empanadas, portabella Mushroom Caps, or shrimp bruschetta before moving onto something heartier like one of their beautiful salads, crispy thin crust pizzas or decadent pasta bowls. Of course you can always share a cheese board and pair it with the perfect bottle of white or red wine. Test out one of their seasonal beers or end your evening with Chester’s Anvil Mendocino Gewurztraminer, a sweet wine that is one of their Dakota Specials."

*     *     *     *     *     *

"Still Raising the Bar - After All These Years!"

*     *     *     *     *     *

"In the food industry for over 25 years, Jennifer was one of the very first pioneers of small wine bars now flourishing throughout NYC. 

Wine and Roses Bar Jennifer was honored as "Restaurateur of the Year" by the West Side Spirit in 2007; in 2008 and 2009 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine for operating "One of the nation's most wine-friendly restaurants" and from 2006 to 2010 received "Wine Spectator Magazine Awards."

Jennifer created the concept for ''The Dakota Bar' in 2010 opening with love on Valentines Day 2013."

To contact Jennifer directly about special parties, planning, future venues, and business opportunities
 please click here to email Jennifer.





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Corner of Columbus Avenue and West 72nd Street

December 2013

"Neighborhood native Jennifer Klein is behind this funky bar... Thirty wines by the glass feature old-world countries (France, Italy, Spain), and there is an extensive bottle list with more than 150 selections. For a boozier sip, try a red-wine-based tipple, or a cocktail like the Who's Your Daddy, which combines vodka and Sugar Daddy's caramel. Nibble on cheese and charcuterie, a club sandwich or walnut-gorgonzola ravioli at one of the multicolored banquettes, illuminated by a 25-foot-long chandelier made from brass instruments." - Time Out Magazine

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"Thirsty Loves: Dakota Bar"


December 19, 2013

"Let's face it: when we think of the Upper West Side, we don't always think of it as the go-to destination for exciting nights out. Sure, there have always been some places to go for a great meal and cocktails but it's always been more of a family-land with limited options at least, to us.

That's all changing now. Downtown darlings RedFarm and The Smith have opened up shop uptown and there are more and more cool spots cropping up around the hood. But we have a new favorite: Dakota Bar.

Opened earlier this year by Jennifer Klein, Dakota Bar is a fun and energetic bar slash restaurant, serving up some tasty cocktails and fantastic food located on the prime corner of Columbus and 72nd Street. Invoking the vibe of a trendy downtown cocktail lounge, Dakota Bar has the requisite dark lighting and flickering candles, good-looking and friendly staff and comfortable seating at the wrap-around bar and high-top tables.

Aside from having a great energy, Dakota Bar offers an extensive wine list and really solid cocktail, including the UWS Negroni and the bourbon-based Portly Manhattan two of the drinks we sampled and loved.

As for the food, there is a solid selection of appetizers, salads, pizzas and pastas to sample. The bite-size Mini Empanadas with black beans, Sante Fe chili and cheese and Eggplant Fries were delicious while the Arugula and Mixed Greens with pear, avocado, dried cranberries and crumbled bleu cheese is the perfect blend of flavors for a lighter meal.

The selections of pizza include a classic Marguerite, a Shrimp and Asparagus and a Sausage and Fennel with jalapeno which was highly recommended by the gracious and helpful server. Looking for something heartier? Dakota Bar has a handful of pasta bowls like the Mushroom Stuffed Rigatoni, Fusilli with cannelloni beans and broccoli pesto and Walnut and Gorgonzola.

Now, with the opening of Dakota Bar, Upper West Siders no longer have to trek downtown for an exciting night out."


March 27, 2013

"Atmosphere Excellent - Decor Excellent - Service Excellent"

"At present, the new bar in the area.  A famous name echoing a famous landmark building.  Totally sophisticated atmosphere, even glamorous; and a welcome presence on the Upper West Side. Love it!'  
                                       -- Frances Apgar

*     *     *     *     *     *

November 19, 2013

"Accomplished restaurateur and wine pioneer Jennifer Klein celebrates the Upper West Side's magic with this romantic spot featuring eclectic bites, a stellar wine list, and creative cocktails (try the Love Potion Number Wine featuring Bulldog Gin, Prosecco, jasmine essence, lemon juice and sugar, served in a flute)."

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

"Dakota Bar Offering
 to UWS Bar Scene"

by Emily Frost

January 30, 2013

UPPER WEST SIDE "With a massive marble bar, swiveling chairs, chandeliers adorned with musical instruments and retro cocktails, the Dakota Bar is looking to help revive the bar scene on the Upper West Side.
The Dakota Bar at 72nd Street and Columbus Avenue owned by former model and Wine & Roses founder Jennifer Klein will have its grand opening on Valentine's Day following a year of renovations.
"We felt this corner needed something something whimsical," said Jennifer Klein. "There are so few places to connect and smile and meet your neighbors."

The Dakota Bar will be open daily with an extensive wine and beer list and a roster of signature cocktails.
The drinks will "have a nostalgic feeling, using gum drops, liqueurs, and sugar daddy cocktails and caramel liqueurs," said Jennifer Klein. She drew inspiration from drinks she remembers her mother drinking, like the Pink Squirrel, typically made with creme de noyaux, white creme de cacao and light cream.
Klein will also serve a variety of wine-based cocktails: "You could start with Cabernet with fruits and simple sugar and pick any kind of liqueur."
Or she said she'd mix white wine with vodka and herbs. "We are here with [older] people who could relate to nostalgia...and a lot of younger people will [also] relate," she said.
In April, Klein will debut a "punch brunch" with several different punches alongside a full brunch menu.
Klein said she and her husband, Todd, who live a block away, have always had a fascination with the Dakota, and decided to name the bar after the legendary building.

The 1,200-square-foot restaurant fits 100 people and Klein said, "everywhere you sit, you can see out the windows." The bar has a wall of south and west facing windows that will showcase the sunset and can be opened in the summertime, she said.
A glamour shot of Klein from her modeling days and dark tables add to the bar's grown-up feel in the family-friendly neighborhood.
To add to the atmosphere, which features large green bar chairs and maroon swivel chairs, the bar will "play great funky music from every era," she said.
Though the Dakota Bar is surrounded by popular restaurants, Klein said the bar's emphasis is on the drinks menu. "We're not a restaurant," she said. "We're a bar first."
However, the food on offer will come in big portions.  The menu includes: 10 salads, 10 pastas, 10 "really big sandwiches," Charcuterie, pates, and cheese boards with three to 12 cheeses."

"We want to fill everybody up," she said."

*     *     *     *     *     *

Upper West Side's
Nightlife Scene Heats Up
by Emily Frost

March 10, 2013

UPPER WEST SIDE "Upper West Siders have long known that if they want a good drink and a hopping nightlife scene free of college students and sports bars, they'd have to head below 59th Street.
All that's changing now, as restaurateurs heat up the after-hours scene uptown, offering nightlife options upscale enough to complement their food menus.
Owners are recognizing that there's demand for spaces where patrons can stop in for a pre-theater drink, sit down for a formal dinner, enjoy a few rounds of cocktails or celebrate a Saturday night in style...
...Jennifer Klein, who opened The Dakota Bar, said she'd also noticed the changes and wanted to be part of the comeback.
"[Columbus] Avenue desperately needs nighttime places," she said.
Klein said she's happy her bar is among the new nightlife options and believes the competition will stir interest.
"It happened in the Meatpacking District," she said. "The more things that come up here, it's going to bring people....


...Owner Jennifer Klein saw a need for a sophisticated bar along Columbus Avenue that mixed nostalgia with bold, modern colors and decor to create a new after-hours place people would seek out. The Dakota Bar has a sizeable wine selection, but with 'hopping' music and nostalgic cocktails, Klein was aiming to create a fun, lively bar.
The Dakota Bar seats about 100 people and will serve food in large portions, said Klein, who added that seeing a lot of "cool retail stores" on the avenue signaled to her that it was time for the dining scene to catch up.

*     *     *     *     *     *




Opening This Week
by Florence Fabricant
August 23, 2006

"WINE & ROSES: Todd Klein likes to say that this wine bar and cafe is his 25th anniversary gift to his wife, Jennifer, who will run it. The bar, with seating at white marble counters, is to open tomorrow. Mrs. Klein has stocked ...more"

aising the bar!"

Chosen by TimeOut food critics

The TONY 100

"The space that once housed the 'World of Nuts and Ice Cream' was transformed into an elegant destination featuring wine from small producers (45 by the glass, over 150 by the bottle), brick walls, and a U-shaped, marble bar lined with candles and fresh roses.  It's no wonder Wine and Roses is a hit with couples. The beret wearing owner, Todd Klein, got it as an anniversary gift for his wife Jennifer. Here's to husbands raising the bar! ..."
TimeOut food critics

AOL Restaurant Editor Review


by Yon Motskin

"A white marble bar and exposed brick walls set the stage for a lively yet romantic husband-and-wife-run Upper West Side wine bar. Sophisticated couples in blazers and heels fill their stomachs with Mediterranean snacks, while over a hundred boutique wines from France, Italy and California help drown the stress from their toddler being put on the prep-school wait list."

*  *  *  *  *

"...This Pinot’s for You"
By Caroline H. Dworin

May 13, 2007  "...In the opinion of Todd Klein, who helped his wife, Jennifer Klein, open the wine bar Wine and Roses on Columbus Avenue near West 73rd Street eight months ago, it was only a matter of time before wine bar entrepreneurs took advantage of the neighborhood’s new character. “The experience of ‘going out’ is built more around the neighborhood now,” said Mr. Klein, a longtime local resident. And more wine bars are to come. ...Ms. Klein herself is seeking to open a second location in the area. ...She said, “ great would it be if the Upper West Side became wine alley...?”

*  *  *  *  *


"New York's
Top Romantic Date Spots"

by Melanie Berliet - CitySearch Editor Review

February 8, 2010

"...Much like the art of seduction, the art of wine pairing can be tricky. But this Upper West Side spot, which boasts an award-winning wine list, makes picking the vino easy, so you can spend more time gazing at your lover and less time scouring a lengthy menu. Dim lighting and comfort food offerings like quiche and baked ham also make Wine & Roses a quality spot for wooing..."

*  *  *  *  *

Winter Bar Guide
2008 - 2009
"Best Places"

"Parents in town? Let a visit to this upscale vino bar prove what a sophisticate you’ve become since college.
The place serves dozens of reds and whites by the glass, all from boutique wineries, and the list changes every few weeks. Laid out to encourage cross-pollination of groups, the nook fills up fast—but doesn’t accept reservations. However, owner Jennifer Klein has been known to let a “really sweet” e-mail ( persuade her otherwise."

*  *  *  *  *

Our Town - East Side

"...a classier way..."
by Wendy Ilene Friedman

December 27, 2007  "Jennifer and Todd Klein opened Wine and Roses on Columbus Avenue and consistently hosts a full house...
an upscale crowd of all ages


*  *  *  *  *

Wine & Roses... "providing a broad selection of fine wines and light fare to dedicated crowds of discerning patrons."

*  *  *  *  *

May 24, 2007  ":..Fourteen finalists were chosen for yesterdays mix-off from hundreds of drink recipes sent by city bartenders to the Department of Consumer Affairs and the state restaurant association. The first runner-up, (Jennifer Klein's Wine & Roses) "Champrosia" was cocktail of rose water champagne and blueberry pomegranate juice with edible rose petals on top.

*  *  *  *  *


2007 "For former catering company owner, Jennifer Klein, starting a wine bar brand (she plans to open several more in the next two years) was the beginning of the second phase of her life. "I had gone to wine bars in Europe and saw they were becoming more popular," she says. With that instinct she recently opened the first Wine & Roses on Manhatttan's Upper West Side.  "We wanted a communal atmosphere that revolves around the wine, brings people together, no matter what age." ...

*  *  *  *  *

"Not all wine bars pair the fruit of their cellar with fancy cheeses; home cooking matches up just as nicely
. That’s the theory, at least, behind Wine & Roses. This new wine bar is operated by Todd Klein and his wife, Jennifer. Look for pâtés and panini to be combined with a selection of approximately 200 different bottles of wine. Wine & Roses, 286 Columbus Ave., New York, 212-579-9463."

*  *  *  *  *

February 2008

Things We Love

City's Most Enchanted Locales

"For an apres-opera toast, a lovely destination is Wine & Roses, a neighborhood wine bar.  How romantic is this cafe?  Owner Todd Klein gave it to his wife, Jennifer, for their 25th Anniversary."
- where magazine

* * * * *

January 2007

Proprietor Jennifer Klein heads up this ultra-chic wine bar
on Columbus Avenue where sophisticates gather for superb wine and down-to-earth pastas, pates, paninis, salads, specialty meats, global cheeses, and more. With Alfredo seating and a white marble bar against a brick wall backdrop, the elegant atmosphere sets the stage for wine lovers that are all smiles and lots of fun. The intimate venue is perfect for private parties and romantic nights out.  ...An experience unlike any other in New of the best wine bars in the city

* * * * * * * * * *

Jennifer and her venues:

In the food industry for over 25 years.

The Jane & Goldie Company, Inc.
Manufacturer of crispy snacks and dips.
1991 to 2001

Featured in Baking & Snack Magazine June 1998


            RESTAURANT REVIEW           

MAY 19, 2010

"Wine & Roses is a classic neighborhood eatery and bar."

by Paolina Rella

"Wine and Roses is one of the hottest wine bars on the Upper West Side.  Celebrities and neighborhood regulars enjoy the down to earth atmosphere, great wine selection and delicious casual meals from pasta to paninis and more.  The international and local cheese offerings make it a perfect place to relax and enjoy a classic New York evening.
Jennifer Klein and her husband Todd have been UWS residents for over 30 years and have worked hard to make this a destination with a neighborhood feel.
"We are so happy to be a part of the
New Taste of the Upper West Side," said Jennifer. "We love this neighborhood and are always happy to give back to it as it has been so good to us."
Look for some of their sensational deserts at the tasting. This decadent and delicious event will showcase some of the best local award winning talent including...Jennifer's award winning Champrosia!

 *  *  *  *  *

               PAGE SIX              

                  PAGE SIX                 

May 9, 2010     "Emily Blunt and John Krasinski swirling chardonnay under the stars at Jennifer Klein's WINE & ROSES sidewalk cafe on Columbus Avenue."  

                  PAGE SIX                 


February 18, 2010

"Brooke Shields sipping Pouilly-Fuissé at the bar of Jennifer Klein's WINE & ROSES on the Upper West Side."

                  PAGE SIX                 

January 25, 2010      "ABBY Elliott, the youngest cast member of "Saturday Night Live," sipping vino at WINE & ROSES on Columbus Avenue while catching a rerun of "SNL" on the TV above the bar."

                  PAGE SIX                 

December 16, 2009      "WE HEAR that Wine & Roses restaurateur Jennifer Klein and husband Todd are toasting their 29th anniversary tomorrow at Studio 54 by taking in Carrie Fisher's hit show, Wishful Drinking."

                  PAGE SIX                 

November 27, 2009     "SNL star Kristen Wiig getting many compliments on her new, short, blond shag from beau Brian Petsos and friends Richard Kind and Noah Emmerich as she swirled a Midnight Pinot at WINE & ROSES..."

                  PAGE SIX                 

August 20, 2009      "Tiffani Thiessen sipping Sancerre with her friend Maria Padro at Jennifer Klein's WINE & ROSES on Columbus Avenue."

                  PAGE SIX                 

April 5, 2009      "WE HEAR that Scott Adsit, Michael Urie and Rachel Dratch partied hard at Jennifer Klein's WINE & ROSES on Columbus Avenue after the Celebrity Autobiography show the other night at the Triad Theater where Vanessa Williams read Ivana Trump and Craig Bierko read The Jonas Bros."

                  PAGE SIX                 

March 27, 2008      "CELEBRITY WRAP -- Monday night's wrap party for Celebrity Autobiography brought the play's stars - Rachel Dratch, Richard Kind, 'LateNet' host Ray Ellin, 'The View' host Sherri Shepherd, Kristen Johnston, Caroline Rhea, Alan Cumming and Matthew Broderick to WINE & ROSES on the Upper West Side. Lori Singer from 'Footloose' was there, too, and she's a concert cellist now, in case anyone was wondering," A spy told Page Six: "And Alan was kissing everyone at the party..."

                  PAGE SIX                 

MAY 30, 2014   "WE HEAR...That Jennifer Klein is about to reopen the doors of Wine and Roses, the Upper West Side bar she made a glittering destination on Columbus Avenue. Locals are cheering Klein's return..."

September 25, 2009
Cllick Here For More Celeb Photos
Abbey Elliot, Jenny Slate, Nasim Pedrad

*  *  *  *  *

Diner's Journal


*  *  *  *  *

Wine Enthusiast Magazine       

2008 & 2009

"Congratulations Wine & Roses. You’ve been selected as one of the nation’s most wine-friendly restaurants. Yours is one of a select number of restaurants in North America to be honored with this recognition. It represents your dedication to delivering the most wine-friendly experience to your patrons.  We are proud that, through your commitment and creativity, you have helped make wine an important part of the total dining experience."-- Wine Enthusiast Magazine

*  *  *  *  *


May 2009

"Wine & Roses -- This is the place for wine-loving Upper West Siders and the people who love them...This is a great spot, but be forewarned, it fills up quickly. Having received Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence in 2007 and 2008, Wine & Roses has a laudable 40 wines by the glass and nearly 200 wines by the bottle with a well-rounded cheese list."


*  *  *  *  *


*  *  *  *  *

M        A        G        A        Z        I        N        E

DECEMBER 12, 2009

"Wine and Roses is not shy about employing its namesake flower in as many ways as possible: roses are on every table, and petals are scattered on the ground in the outside seating area. The sort of ...romantic vibe continues through to the bar’s back story: the place itself was a gift to the owner from her husband on their 25th wedding anniversary.

Otherwise, the focus is on wine - each selection on the menu is described quasi-poetically (think phrases like “layers of iron” and “dried flowers and blackberry”). But the knowledgeable, decidedly unpretentious staff will not dissuade you from ordering a Pinot Grigio with your plate of assorted meats.

A full menu of food–from bar snacks to pasta dishes to rich chocolate desserts–is also available, as well as a small selection of beers. The cozy space steadily fills with pairs of after-work corporate casuals starting around seven in the evening, but rarely feels too crowded." - Kelsey Osgood

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Summer 2007:    "Jennifer Klein, the owner manager has worked in the wine and food business for 15 years...with the help from husband Todd...has transformed this into a communal home for all Westside wine lovers...The single room has high ceilings, exposed brick, and restored detailing.  The U-shaped, marble topped bar is surrounded by high tables and comfortable stools. The tall windows fronting the street look out on sidewalk tables in the summer and give the place a distinct European flair. A noted consulting sommelier helped Jennifer assemble a list of 150 choices by the bottle and 25-30 by the glass...All regions are represented...The tall lovely Jennifer plans the menu as well, picking what will pair well, like the delicious Swedish meatballs.  Salads, pasta, cured meats, and paninis round out the menu. Things are looking up for the West Side!"



by Brindles Lee Macon

April 2, 2010

"Wine and Roses. The rich and famous, movie stars and television stars often come to this ten best selection. Wine and Roses is chic and elegant. You'll find the best wine and food menu in town. If you want a chance of spotting a famous star out on the town, visit this spectacular venue."

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"Still Raising the Bar After All These Years!"

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"Jennifer opened THE DAKOTA BAR with love
on Valentines Day 2013."

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Wine & Roses NYC 2006 to 2015

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Wine Spectator Magazine
Award of Excellence

Jennifer Klein's Wine & Roses "is honored by Wine Spectator for having one of the most outstanding restaurant wine lists in the world."


Jennifer Klein

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Over 38 wines by the glass, and 180
by the bottle of specially selected
wines from around the world stored in temperature controlled EuroCaves and served in fine crystal stemware.

Jennifer's delicious creations
surround your wine and your senses.


DECEMBER 2, 2009


Steven Tyler & Todd

Nightly music featuring Todd's exclusive iPod mixes
of pop, jazz, rock, r&b, and just some really good stuff:)).

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The West Side Spirit


"A husband and wife duo's
sophisticated hang-out "
by Wendy Ilene Friedman

November 1, 2007 - "With its tasteful, cool interior of exposed brick walls, dark wood and a room defining marble counter-top, Upper West Siders Jennifer and Todd Klein have transformed what was once  a "World of Nuts" shop into a much-needed upscale adult wine bar called Wine & Roses. 
"We were in need of a grown-up place," Co-Owner Jennifer Klein said.  As Zagat's said, "It's the first adult bar on the Upper West Side."
The bar, on Columbus Avenue between West 73rd and 74th Streets, was a neighborhood favorite from day one.  The proprietors visualized a place where people could gather and enjoy themselves.  They succeeded.  Although it opened just a little more than a year ago, the establishment is busy every night.
"They took such joy in the project," said Barbara Adler, executive director of the Columbus Avenue Business Improvement District (BID). "They put their heart and soul into it.  The pay-off is that they were an instant success."
The husband-and-wife team did a complete renovation of the building.  During the construction they continually discovered elements of the landmark building's pre-war structure behind walls and in the ceiling. "We kept digging and we kept finding."  Jennifer Klein said.
Inside the bar, fresh roses on each table, a meticulously clean sidewalk cafe and floral-shaped ceiling lamps ad to its ambiance.  The light fare menu complement the most notable element of the eatery -- the wine list.  "We don't sell any corporate wines," Jennifer said. "We use smaller producers.  "They are a little different and off the beaten track."
When the bar was honored with the prestigious Wine Spectator award in 2007, the Kleins realized that their work, dedication and intensive study of wine-making had finally paid off.
"When you put a lot of effort and you are appreciated, it feels good," Jennifer Klein said. And the neighborhood also appreciates them.  At any time during the night the room is filled with a sophisticated crowd of singles, couples, friends, co-workers and first dates. "You'll find people from all over here," she said.  "It's a communal-type place and caught on by word of mouth."

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APRIL 1, 2008 -- "Need a spot to bring your significant other after a big fight that was all your fault? Wine & Roses is a modern, but still sexy wine bar that attracts oenophiles as well as amateurs. They’ve got an extensive selection from around the world, and New Zealand pinot noirs are not placed too far from New York State Rieslings. The experts here can pour you 40 wines by the glass and there are over 180 wines by the bottle (you might need them all if that fight was a biggie). Meticulously matched food pairings are offered as well. Open seven days a week and packed to the walls most weekends, be warned, it gets overly loud at night. They can accommodate your needs for parties and can help you set up a private wine tasting. Hmm…maybe privacy will be better!"

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"Wine & Roses is packing them in, which is good for socializing singles.  As wide ranging music plays, you can sample (45) wines by the glass, along with finger foods such as pizza bites and panini... Just don't get too comfortable... There are plenty of other wine lovers jostling for your table."

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MARCH 4, 2010

"This sophisticated wine bar serves
dozens of monthly changing reds and whites by the glass and over 100 by the bottle, all sourced from boutique wineries. The impressive U-shaped granite bar makes for a great place to mingle with fellow winos -- but with a seating capacity of only 35 the joint fills up fast, and they don't take reservations."


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Ratings & Review

“Much needed in the Upper West Side scene...This easygoing wine bar is one of the few adult places to have a drink!”

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Photo by Todd Klein - September 11, 2006

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Jen & Todd 2010

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Jennifer Klein

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